How do I know if I need Assisted Living?

If your loved one or yourself need extra care or simply want more companionship and interaction -- then an ALF might work great.

Do any of these fit you?

  • Are you forgetting to take your medication or possibly taking it twice?
  • Going our for errands, appointments and shopping is getting increasingly difficult?
  • I am alone most of the day. I use to enjoy it, but now I just feel lonely?
  • Gettin up, bathing, dressing, cleaning my house is becoming harder and harder?
  • Preparing healthy meals and snacks is a chore?
  • Being independent is important, but some help from time to time would be nice?
  • “Senior Moments” are becoming more frequent?
  • Having fun things to do every day would enrich my life and give me something to look forward to?
Magnolia Manor ALF
Our Mom and Dad have been residents at Magnolia Manor, since the doors opened. Actually we were on the original waiting list to get in, before they opened. We have found the facility to be incredibly clean, pleasant and safe. We wanted interaction and plenty of activities to keep them engaged and interested.

We especially love Friday Happy Hour(s) and that families are always welcomed. Even our 16 year old daughter and 12 year old son enjoy hanging out there. The large outdoor deck with screened in area and full outdoor areas are our favorite.

We highly recommend taking a tour and talking with Barbara.
– Michael & Amy

Custom Services for Everyone

Everyone is different with different needs. We will customize a plan of services based on those specific needs. Services we can offer might include diabetic diets, gluten free diets (I suffer from this, so I know how to take care of this for residents), or no added table salt.

We can customize our bathing schedule to fit your life. Maybe you like your shower in the morning; or you might be a person who does not get going until the afternoon; or you might prefer to shower before bed.

How about fun activities? Do you like to have coffee and discuss the weather, sports, news or current events? Do you like arts and crafts, play bingo, exercise, work a puzzle or watch movies?

How about going out to lunch at Red Lobster, Chili’s or another restaurant? How about going to a museum, the theater or symphony? Your Day, Your Choices, our pleasure!

How About Fun Activities?

Do you like to have coffee and discuss the news? Do you like arts and crafts, play bingo, work a puzzle or watch movies? Your day, Your choices, our pleasure!